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On this page you will find out who the BIG A**HOLES are in entertainment, sports, politics, business and in your world. We will name who we think is a BIG A**HOLE on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And, you get to do the same by leaving comments on who you think is a BIG A**HOLE.

Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins and general all around DB, is known around the league to be a HUGE A**HOLE! This article chronicles why Snyder is a DUMBASS! To make matters worse and to conclusively cement his status as HEAD DB DUMBASS, Snyder is trying to get the writer of this article fired for daring to tell the f*cking truth!

A**HOLE of the Month (September): – Senator John McCain (aka “It is not the policy!”)

At one time, Sen. John McCain was one of the supporters of the repeal of DADT. However, since his disastrous bid to become president, during which he lost any dignity he once had by suckling at the teat of the Republican party to gain its support, McCain seems to have become the crotchety, ill-mannered old grandfather you keep locked in his room and only bring out once a week to hose down in the backyard. During an interview where he was asked about the military’s practice of actively seeking out and discharging gay and lesbian service members under DADT (which runs counter to the stated policy), McCain purposely ignored the reporter’s questions. Instead he kept repeating “It is not the policy, it is not the policy, it is not the policy” as if stating it would change the actual practice! While it may not be the policy, it is definitely the PRACTICE and that’s all that matters, DUMBASS! Because he regularly repeats illogical Republican sound bites that ignore the facts and replaces them with worn-out rhetoric, McCain is September’s A**HOLE of the Month.

A**HOLES of the Week (ending September 26th): – Lindsay and Michael Lohan (aka coke head and the enabler)

This has been a busy week for A**HOLES! But out of all of them, Lindsay Lohan takes the prize but then her daddy, Michael Lohan, snatched it from her drug-ravaged hands. Lindsay Lohan is a f&cking train wreck! And now she gets to be a guest of the County of Los Angeles for 30 days because she violated the terms of her probation and Judge Elden Fox denied her bail! Good luck finding drugs now! Oh wait … she is going to JAIL … never mind!

A**HOLE of the Week (ending September 19th) – Bethany Storro (aka Acid Face)

Another f*%ked up person does something really stupid and criminal and then blames a Black person! This time it’s a white woman, Bethany Storro, blaming a Black woman for throwing acid on her face. And for that, Bethany is our A**HOLE of the week! Way to go, Bethany! Make your parents proud! Ohh and how could I forget … here’s big High Five for throwing JC into your crazy soup!

He’s The Boss and an A**HOLE: Edward Mike Davis of Tiger Oil Company in Houston, TX, is a real piece of work. If you think your boss is bad, check out the memos from this DUMBASS!

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