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This site contains the ramblings of a madperson … AN UNDEREMPLOYED ATTORNEY (or two or three) with too much time on her hands, too many opinions to share and a forum to share them!  This site will feature personal stories of humiliation and failure (are there any other kind?), stories of people who have risen to the level of KING/QUEEN A**HOLE due to their inherent ignorance and/or time honored “F*uck everyone else” attitude, and observations about things that make no sense whatsoever, even in America.  Some things will make you laugh while others just piss you off! Now, read on if you like to laugh or seethe at the absurd, the sad, the tragic, the stupid.

However, if you are sensitive and cry during Pixar films, then this is NOT the site for you.  So, click the “back” button, knit a sweater set, go save a kitten … NOW!  Because if you have working tearducts, you should NOT read any further.  Doing so will hurt your feelings, make you feel bad and then you will leave some dumbass, sappy, nonsensical (conservative), bleeding heart (liberal) comment which will make me laugh and laugh until I pee my pants.

Soon thereafter, I’ll respond with a comment laced through and through with vitriol and dripping with not-so-subtle truth and it will make you cry.  And, not the quiet cry of an adult, but the loud sobbing cry of a child with crap dripping from his nose who can’t catch his breath.  And then, quite characteristically, I’ll laugh some more and again wet my pants.  (A good laugh can do that, damnit!)  All of this drama simply because you don’t know your limits and refuse to acknowledge that you have the emotional capacity of a 12-year-old girl.  Yeah, I’m talking about you tough guy with the giant back tattoo of an eagle and the teacup Chihuahua in a stroller!

Now, that we got rid of the big babies, let’s sit back, relax and prepare to be insulted and offended.  If something on this site does not offend you, then you must be me and have the emotional capacity of a rock!  Yeah!  Another kindred spirit!  So, read on, A**HOLE, because this is the site for you!

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